Skype for business Make all your business activities smarter with Skype for a business program that Microsoft has introduced.


Now you can make calls, communicate with the clients effectively, exchange information with no interference, and many more things without any hassle or hard work.

This not only has user-friendly features but also provides an easy download and installation source. Users can get it on any of their devices and enjoy its efficient usage with full efficiency.

It has plenty of advanced and high-standard features that facilitate all users with secure and efficient business activities.

You can get the program downloaded on your device by visiting the Microsoft 365 website.

What is Skype for business? 

Skype is one of the popularly known communication tools that we use in most of the business hubs. It has all the latest features included that one can use for the transfer of information and benefit the business accordingly.

Skype for business, which was earlier known as Microsoft Lync Server.

It is an advanced Unified Communication platform that creates integration with the most common business communication channels and all the relative tasks that can be held in business hub such as VoIP calls, online meetings, file transfers, voicemail, Video conferencing, wmail, web conferencing.

Skype for Business features

There are a number of features associated with Skype for business. We explain some of them as under.

Enhanced 911 and persistent chat:

It is a session that is based on a certain topic. It benefits the users with the opportunity to start the discussion where they left before.

Video and audio conferencing

Skype for business offers video and audio conferencing in high-quality. One can be on a conference in both of these manners efficiently without bothering for the resolution at all.

Being a part of the Business Premium plans and Office 365 Business Essentials, this program offers high-definition conferencing opportunities to maximum 250 people at once.

Enterprise-level technical support 

Skype for Business offers high-quality enterprise-level technical support based on the Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise plans like E1, E3, E5, K1, etc.


The program gives the benefit of interoperability with its exclusive video conferencing feature are supported by Polycam. The users can conduct sessions with other users on the board with the help of endpoints of Cisco or Polycom video conferencing.

Communication control 

The Skype for Business users can have imperative control over the communication process across architectures and devices supported by Windows 8.

They can effectively handle the processes like file sharing, screen and application sharing, whiteboarding, etc.

Uses of Skype for business

Contact based uses

Skype for business helps the users with availability of contact-based information. The users can store the contact information with the help of Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook Contacts.

One can also retrieve the lost contact lists from the service of the local directory as offered by the server.

Skype business server uses 

Skype for Business users can also get facilitated with the server in many ways. All the conversation goes between the users and the clients can be placed effectively on Skype for business servers.

That is why the users can see the people who are working on the same file or document. It makes the communication secure as all the things will be there on the corporate intranet that can only be accessed by the authorized persons of the program.

SIP uses 

Another important use of the program is the SIP communication. SIP implies Systematic Internet Protocol that supports secure transferring of multimedia files. It bases the protocol for client communication.

Lync Server uses 

Microsoft recently released Lync Server in 2012. It is a new feature that offers collaboration of multi-party chats which is called “Persistent Group Chat.”

This also securely preserves all the contents exchanged over the chats between two or more parties. The feature can be accessed on Windows OS and nowhere else.

The Lync and Skype have been connected together after Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011.

Client collaborative software uses

Skype for business also offers the users with multi-client collaborative software capabilities. That means the users are now able to allow a group of people to access the same work and thereby give their insights into it without any obligation. All these can be done on a real-time basis.

Messaging uses 

Business communications are always subjected to various messages which are exchanged between two individual persons or a group of people.

Skype for the business thus offers an instant messaging feature that allows the users to see and answer the messages immediately with the help of an additional communication channel that is attached to the server and one doesn’t need any Email or phone to run the communication.

Hence the interaction takes place in much faster and convenient ways.

How to download Skype for Business on Windows

The Skype for Business can be accessed by a system supported in 32 bit and 64 bit versions. If you want to know the version of your system, you can open the Microsoft file in your system and click on the ‘About’ option given on the file menu. One the dialogue box is opened, you can see the full version will be shown on the top.

Based on the bit standard that is whether 32 or 64, you can now proceed to install the program on your computer.

Installing Skype for Business on Windows

  1. Allow access to Setup.exe on your computer to run the installation.
  2. Accept the Terms and conditions offered by Microsoft License and click the Continue button.
  3. Tap to ‘Install Now’ for UB configuration.
  4. Wait, a while to get the Skype for Business installed.
  5. Now tap the Close button once the installation gets completed.
  6. Click on the reboot option if prompted on the screen.
  7. Now launch the installation for Skype for Business.
  • For Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 (Go to Start > All Apps > Skype for Business)
  • For Windows 7 or Vista (Go to Start > All Programs > Skype for Business)

If you have UBmail Powered by Google or Exchange and signing to Skype for Business account on Windows for the first time, you may encounter an error. In such a case, you can follow the below-mentioned steps,

  1. Click OK.
  2. Change the User name to ad\UBITName (where UBITName is your UBITName) and re-enter your UBIT password.
  3. Click Sign in.
  4. It is recommended to change one of your preferences.  Click the Gear Wheel.
  5. Click Personal.
  6. Uncheck the Automatically Start app box.
  7. Click Ok.