What is PowerPoint? PowerPoint is a component of the Microsoft Office suite that is used to create visuals. Most often use it for organizational purposes and some institutional as well. It is vitally used by, various sectors due to its outstanding capacity to create attractive visuals and also leads people to understand the concept well.


The program can be identified easily with its initial ‘P’ in the logo and the Orange trademark. It allows users to show the information from Simple as well as complex multimedia presentations. It is basically a combination of
Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel along with the presentation feature.
This is because the users can get all the benefits of creating good documentation along with inserting various
Between tables, charts, and graphs and create an information slide presentation with the help of Microsoft-PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Microsoft Program

Microsoft Power-Point

When was PowerPoint discovered?

At the start, PowerPoint was released for Macintosh Computers on 20th April 1987.
During the three months that is in July 1987, Microsoft acquired the program by purchasing it at $14million. On 22nd May 1990, Microsoft had released it for windows with the bundle of Other applications owned by Microsoft.

With version 4.0 in 1994, they integrated it into Microsoft office, It is also available in 102 languages.

Who discovered Microsoft PowerPoint?

A software company named Robert Gaskins created this program and Dennis Austin in Forethought Inc.

What are the uses of PowerPoint?

Usually, it is used to create slides on a template which contains texts, images, charts, shapes, videos, animations, elements, it also has a feature to make animation transition between two or more slides.

When the slides have been created it is presented via a computer on one or more external Screens or digital projectors. Users can control the presentation with the help of Mobile Phones as well as Apple watch.

PowerPoint can be used for a slide show in the following ways:

  • Small group presentation: If the presentation is for a small group then it can be Displayed on the Computer/laptop phone or on the tablet screen. The program will efficiently show the slides on the device, and help you to develop a great presentation
    With a number of features such as the creation, designs. It is because of this reason, students find it easy to make their project presentations on PowerPoints
  • Printing the slides: Most often, the slides need to be printed and submit it to the Concerned person or place. For example, for projects, research presentations, etc.

Slides need to be printed and present in front of the concerned person. This can also be done while using PowerPoint presentations. You can easily make a print copy of the presentation and submit it so that the people can have a copy with them while you are explaining your slide.

  • Private viewing: You must have seen many programs of software that need to have access to another device where any file is shared made on that certain software or program.
    But Power Point gives the users ease with its private viewing feature. It can be accessed by the users having computers without PowerPoint can also view the slides as it has a feature to share as files for a private viewing.
  • Web Broadcasting: The best and outstanding part with Microsoft PowerPoint is that you can broadcast your presentation live over the web portals easily. You just need to log in to your Microsoft Live ID and share your presentation URL there, and voila, you can get the online access of your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Web Embedment: The PowerPoint also facilitates the users to embed the presentation on blogs or other web pages. All you need to do is to share your presentation URL over the platforms and it will be live over there. If the site asks to approve the presentation, then it may take an hour or so.
  • Social media sharing: The slides you create for your Power-Point presentation, you can easily share it with other social media platforms. Because of its compatible size, the file will take a little time to get shared on social media, and also it is applicable for any platform easily.
  • Self-running or convention booth: With the help of Microsoft PowerPoint, you can easily create self-running presentations for a trade show or a convention booth. That means you don’t need to operate it manually one after another as this software gives you an ease of playing on its own. You just open the file and fit it to operate and it will do all the things responsibly on its own.
  • Transformation into the videos: Now, coming to one of the distinct features of PowerPoint presentation is the video transformation. You can easily make a video by the slides made for a presentation and show it in the concerned place. As we all know that videos help people to remember things and interestingly deliver any message to the masses, with turning the presentation into a video, you can grab the attention of the people easily.

How to Download PowerPoint?

PowerPoint comes with a bundle of applications included with the Microsoft office. It can be downloaded and installed on your computer or any other with the installation of Microsoft Office.

It can also compatible with iOS and Android devices with limited features. So, with the following guidelines, you will be able to get the MS PowerPoint in your device,

  • Go to Google Play Store (in case of Android) or official Microsoft website.
  • Click on Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Tap to the download button.
  • Once the download gets completed, open the file from the download folder.
  • Run the installation on your device.
  • Follow the instructions as prompted on the screen.
  • Log In or Create a Microsoft account.

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