What is OUTLOOK? OUTLOOK is popularly known as Microsoft Outlook as one suite provided by Microsoft that is used to manage personal information.



Microsoft Office OUTLOOK

It is actually an email application that constitutes the task manager, calendar, note-making, contact management, web browsing, journal making, and much more.

Outlook can We can use outlook sole application and you don’t need any support from other applications at all to access it.

However, it can also use along with the Microsoft Share-Point or Microsoft Exchange server that allows more than one user in an organization.

Thereby, the employees in an organization can share the calendars, mailbox, public folders, lists of Share-Points, meeting schedules, etc. easily and efficiently.

Outlook Microsoft Software Program

Microsoft outlook Program software

Microsoft has also launched the application to mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

It allows the developers to use their own suitably customized software to work with the Outlook and other Office components through the Microsoft Visual Studio.

The devices that support Windows can easily sync all the Outlook data with the mobile Outlook.

Recently, in March 2020, Microsoft has announced several new updated features in Outlook to facilitate businesses more, either to handle the transactions or to maintain a reliable relationship with the customers.

Now, the modules for chats and collaborations are made more easy and efficient and simplified the team works for various organizations.

All these advantages encourage the companies to adopt Microsoft platforms more vibrantly for the growth and development of the businesses.

One of the essential features added to this latest version are, teams and outlook can be integrated together and hence the users can share the email conversations with the teams chat directly only with one click.

Evolution of OUTLOOK

The Outlook was founded in 1996 and in 1997, Microsoft has acquired it at approximately $400 million. They introduced it as Hotmail by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith.

Later Microsoft relaunched the program by the name of MSN Hotmail. It was rebranded later on by the name Windows Live Hotmail and was considered as a part of the product suites of Windows. The product was lastly relaunched in 2012 by the name Outlook.com.

The program was first introduced in front of the public in the year 1997 with its accessibility in Windows XP.

It was a free version in the first instance. Since then, it relaunches a number of times it with much more upgraded versions and advanced features to complement the trend.

Today, Microsoft Outlook is available in various terms such as Outlook 365, Outlook, Microsoft email, Outlook email, Outlook Express, Outlook Hotmail, Outlook Online, Microsoft Office email.

The latest version of this program is launched in 2019.

The features debuted in these versions are, search cloud, attachment link to the cloud resources, group redesign, clutter folder, scalable vector graphics, Email address internationalization, time-zone scheduling, payment inclusion and reminder, email templates formation, and much more.


Various uses of OUTLOOK

Microsoft Outlook consists of a number of suites like versions of Microsoft office 365, 2010, 2012 and 2013. It is noteworthy that all Microsoft Office versions offer Outlook.

It is now available in the home of Office 365. Although it is not there in Office Home and Office Student 2016 for PC.


The most common task that is performed on Microsoft Outlook is the Email exchanges. However, when it was first introduced, it was made to act as a simple email client rather than a complete functioning information manager.

But with its transformed and modified features in every version, it is now capable of managing various email accounts based on the web along with Microsoft’s Live Mail and Hotmail and other IMAP, POP3 and exchanged accounts.


The outlook has an excellent feature of directory management. That means, it enables the users to add personal information like contacts along with particular images, home pages, phone numbers. 

Email addresses, business names, websites, birthdays, etc. All these can be directly integrated to the email functions of the Outlook and thereby, you can contact your clients worldwide without any hassle of searching their contact information.


Today, Outlook is most popularly used for the calendar application. The program offers the users to schedule events, appointments, meetings, etc. easily along with the reminder and let the concerned people to get informed about everything.

Moreover, Outlook has the ability to handle more than one calendar to facilitate the users to maintain their personal important dates like anniversaries, birthdays, etc. alongside the business calendars.

In case any company has its own server, the users can easily share the calendars with other co-workers and give them access for their concern.


Now, if you want to sync your data that you have entered to the Outlook, you can also easily do that without any hassle. Moreover, all these can also be synced with Mobile phones of other devices that support Windows and thereby allow the users to enjoy the outstanding portability of their essential data with this program suite. One can access the information for their concern from anywhere and everywhere.

To-Do List

For the organizations or users who keep their daily updated to-do-lists to work accordingly the entire day, this Outlook has many things to offer.

You can simply add your concern tasks that are supposed to get completed within the given deadline and share it with other team members. You can also set the reminder to keep them reminded for the tasks.

How to download OUTLOOK

If you want to access Outlook in your system, it is very easy to do so. Although nowadays every desktop or Android system has preinstalled Microsoft office suites in it, and you just need to log in or Sign Up to the Microsoft Office account to use the program, if you don’t have the program in your device, then you can follow this download guide to get the access.

  • Go to the Office website of Microsoft.
  • Click on the product option given in the header.
  • Tap for Outlook application.
  • You can buy the suite or can get access to the trial version with limited features either for home, of business purposes.
  • Now select one package from the given options.
  • Proceed for the payment section.
  • Once the download gets completed, open the file from the download folder.
  • Allow the application to run on your device.
  • Log In or Sign Up to the Microsoft account.
  • Start using.

If you fail either to find the product key in your device or to access the program, you can get the help from Microsoft’s official website.