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office com setup The Complete Guide on Downloading and Installing Office Setup or office 365 setup

Download and Install Office Com Setup 365

● Helping You: This guide is here for you to provide the best help you deserve. Coming along for every step of the way, we are not going to leave you on your own for this process.
● Go Ahead: Once you visit the website and get started with the installation process of Office. The moment you are done installing Office on your computer, let us kick off the Microsoft Office training.
● The Correct Way: There is a correct method to follow for how to utilize and set up a suitable and flexible environment for your Office. Visit the website to get started on the process the right way.

How do I Download and Install Microsoft Office Setup?

● You can use any browser for the following process.
● Go to the main website for the official Office installation process_
● You should already be having a Microsoft account from the time you purchased any Microsoft product, especially Office. Use that account information to log into the site.
● If you don’t have a Microsoft Account, you can sign up and make one for free; once you log in, you can proceed.
● If you have bought Office from a physical store or any offline source, you should be having a product key with you which should be entered.
● The installer will take you to the official Office Download page once you’ve completed the first four steps in the process.
● Once you’ve downloaded Office, you can Run the Office Setup on your computer to use it now.

What is Office Product Key?

A product key is a software-based key that informs the system that the copy of the program you are using is the original.

The product key is required if you have bought Office from a physical store or any other offline source. If you cannot find your product key, you should check the packaging in which it came in.

If Office came pre-installed with your computer then there should be a holographic sticker where the product key should be printed.

If you bought Office online and cannot find your product key, you can log in to your Microsoft account in the official Microsoft website and go to Services and Subscription where you can find the services you’ve bought from Microsoft.

Under your Office subscription, click on ‘view product key’ to get your product key. This is a fairly simple process but it might appear difficult to handle for some.

If you want someone to help you through the process, you can contact us. Although we would thoroughly advise you not to share your product key with us or anyone else as it can be stolen and without a proper unique product key, your Office will remain deactivated.

Office 2019

There have been quite a few updates made by Microsoft to the Office but never like this before. Incorporating A.I in the Office has made it incredibly easy to enhance your work in a less amount of time.

Fresh Features

With the help of Office’s new tools, not only can you improve your regular productivity but also create a professional working space for you which can build brand identities.

Office Setup – Top-ranking Software

The Office is here for your everyday needs and it has proven to furnish one of the best tools to work with- the Productivity tools.

The best aspect of Office is that it simple and yet robust giving you an enormous range and flexibility to eliminate your productivity issues by augmenting your efficiency.

Countless businesses and offices are regular users of Microsoft Office Productivity tools. Get your Office from the official site

Download Microsoft Office Setup on your Windows and Mac

● Enter on your search bar and sign in using your Microsoft account details. If you have forgotten which account you used or any account details then click here. If you don’t have an account then you can create one for free.
● Once you sign in, allow the site to determine the kind of account you signed in with; it can be a Microsoft account, a work or even a school account.
● You can click on ‘Install Office’ from the official Office site and select ‘Install (whichever version you choose)’
● Once you’ve chosen the version, you will be given a list of Office items and tools which you can choose to download and install.
● You also have to check if the tools and items you chose meet the system requirements.
● Keep following the prompts and select your country and language and choose the ‘I AGREE’ button.
● This completes the downloading process of Office in the folder of your choice.

Note: In Windows, the 64-bit version is installed by default unless Microsoft detects the presence of a 32-bit version of Office or any other stand-alone version of the software installed. In such a case, the 32-bit version of the software will be downloaded and installed.

How do I Install Office in Windows?

● Once you have downloaded the setup file, you can go to the folder in which it is located or you can select “Run” on Edge or Internet Explorer, “Setup” in Chrome or “Save File” in Mozilla Firefox.
● If you are shown a prompt saying that do you want to let this application make changes to your device then select “Yes.”
● The installation process will begin immediately; you can follow the progress on the screen.
● Your installation is completed when the following phrase appears “You’re all set! The office is installed now” accompanied by a short animation of where you can locate the software for use. Choose ‘Close’.

How to Install Office on Mac?

● Once the download is finished, go to finder and go to the Downloads folder. You will locate the file called Microsoft Office Installer.pkg and the name varies slightly from time to time.
● The installation screen appears which will guide you through the necessary steps to install Office. Click on ‘Continue’ to get started.
● Go over the license agreement of the software and click ‘Continue’.
● Click on ‘AGREE’ to the terms of the agreement of the software.
● Once you’ve chosen how you want to install Office, evaluate your disk space and system requirements and select your preferred location. Then click on ‘Install’.
● Enter your Mac account details if prompted and then continue by clicking on ‘Install Software’.
● Once the process is finished, click on ‘Close’.

How do I Download and Install Microsoft Office Setup on Android?

If you want a more portable version of the Office, undoubtedly Office on Android is the way to go! There are two methods to get Office on your Android device:
● You can download the Office app that amalgamates softwares like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These crucial tools are just one click away with the new Office app which takes a new turn on fresh mobile-centric characteristics giving you the options to edit, view and share files without the help of any other third-party apps.
● You can also download the Microsoft Office apps individually if you are in need of a specific application.
With Office installed on your Android device, you can use the apps to work from just about anywhere using a free Microsoft account or even a work or school account. If you have a paying subscription then you will be privy to the access of the application’s additional premium features.

Where do I get Office for Android?

The application Office is available for download for free in the Google Play Store. You can type in ‘Microsoft Office’ in the search bar of the Play Store app or you can visit here.

How Do I Setup Office Apps?

● You can open up any Office app to get started.
● You will be required to sign in with a Microsoft account_ if you don’t have one then you can make one for free. If you use an account that’s already associated with an older version of the Office, you will be privy to an upgrade.
● If you choose to purchase a plan, you can follow through the instructions which will be provided or you can choose ‘Maybe later’ if you wish to use the application for free.
● You can also choose the cloud service you want to add which is a great way to save on offline storage and you also don’t risk losing your files in case something happens to your device or memory card. You can also download and edit the files in any other device if you choose to use the cloud service.
● Input your email address and password that you used to sign in and you’re all done!