Microsoft Word

What is Microsoft Word? Microsoft word is a software offered by Microsoft office, this application enables users to complete any documentation Quickly to help in managing the daily official works. It is one of the most productive applications that enables users to complete any documentation tasks efficiently and perfectly within a much shorter period.

Microsoft Word

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What is Microsoft Word?

It allows creating professional documentation, letters, reports, resumes, and much more. The program consists of 29 lines in one.
The page is set by default. It is supported by several features such as grammar check, spell check, HTML support, advanced page layout, image support, text and font formatting, and much more.
With all its updated features and advanced uses, it is superior to any other plain text editor, On word pad, etc.

By whom and when MS Office is developed

Microsoft word first version was developed by Richard Brodie and Charles Simonyi in 1981. They Were then Bill Gates and Paul Allen’s hired Xerox programmers. This first version was supported by Only .doc files. But with the continuous transformation and introduction of latest version, now, all types of file formats can be created with Microsoft word such as, .docx, .docm, .dotx, .dotm, .html, .htm, .mhtml,. mhi, .pdf, .txt, .odt,.xps, .xml, .rtf, etc.

Uses of Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is extensively used in every sector for its all-round features. Here are the distinct uses of Microsoft Word in different sectors.

1. Microsoft Word for Business and workplace
Microsoft Office Word is vitally used in the workplace and business sectors. This is because of bulk.
information flow is generated in these sectors, and word helps them to secure and organize this
Information in their ways. Microsoft word is used for making bills, cash memos, receipts, letters for, On the offer, joining, experience or appreciation, letterhead samples, and many other account Management purposes in any organizational sectors. Moreover, one can also send a Word document and Emails to hundreds of people including partners or clients by using mail merge as offered by the Program. Hence, it makes the official tasks very easy and convenient to handle and manage.

2. Microsoft Word for Education
The education sector is mostly facilitated with the tools provided by Microsoft Word. It makes the. Tasks of the students as well as teachers very easy with its upgraded features and components.
With it, the users can use the texts to create and form the lecture scripts with the support of shapes, colors, fonts, images, and word arts and thereby explore the students’ creativity.
The creation of slides with Microsoft Word makes it interesting for the students to grab and memorize the teaching Materials for a long time. Moreover, students can also conveniently create their projects, research papers, dissertations, and other study-related documentation with the required Word’s templates and formats.

3. Microsoft Word for Home-based users
Unlike any other sectors, Microsoft Word is important for any home-based users as well. For making invitation cars, birthday cars, etc. can be easily made with the help of Microsoft’s pre-Defined templates are given on the document.
You can also get the option to customize them according to your desires. There are many other personal uses also for which Microsoft Word is used and utilized for day-to-day activities.

4. Microsoft Word for job application
Today, every field necessitates the knowledge for Microsoft Office whether its basic or advance.
Hence, even by opting for basic knowledge about Microsoft Word for any commercial or business uses, you can have a good job. You can also show your skills even while creating your resume and thereby impress the recruiters.

5. Microsoft Word to create notes, resumes, and assignments
Microsoft word also gives you scope to easily and attractively create resumes, assignments, notes, etc.
It also takes much lesser time to create all these even by a beginner. The users can get
innumerable text formats, templates, and many other interesting features to design their respective documents.

6. Microsoft Word to create books, articles, and newsletters
There are a lot of features included with Microsoft Word for writers as well who want to express their views, opinions, and experiences through articles, blogs, books, etc.
These features have been with this program since its launch.
It has features like cover page formatting, headers and footers, designing, image inclusion, text formatting and alignment, text highlighter, bibliographical interpretation and citation, and many more.

7. Microsoft Word for PDF documents
Now, users will also get the benefits of creating, editing, transcribing, and converting any PDF document with ease only while using Microsoft Word.
That means, along with creating and formatting various word documents, you can also use the program to transcribe videos into word files.
The program also allows you to edit and copybooks, that are already written and decorate them in your words.

8. Microsoft Word for offline/online businesses
If you are thinking to start your own online or offline business, then also you can grab the best advantages of the program.
Ranging from proposal making, till creating banners or any business promotional materials, Microsoft Word delicately helps you effectively deliver your message to the masses and thereby fulfill your purpose.
Furthermore, you can also sell the documents through your business websites either to help the writers or to promote the education of school students.
But you may need to get some in-depth knowledge about the program for doing so.

9. Microsoft word for collaboration with team members
Suppose you are running a business full of writers and other professionals. You must be thinking about how you can collaborate them easily and conveniently, right? Microsoft Word will make your work easier. It is now updated with the cloud storage systems to reduce the cost of your official works.

How to download Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word comes with Microsoft Office suites. Today, every device comes with a pre-installed Microsoft Office in it.
But if you fail to get it on your device, you can visit the official site for Microsoft i.e., or call directly to get the on-call assistance.

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