Microsoft Excel

What is Microsoft Excel? Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet used for data interpretation, calculations, pivot tables, graphic tools,& other tasks easily even on computer & smartphones, It is capable of managing the management of huge data of any organization easier with manual entry.

Microsoft Excel

With its efficient and effective works, it has become one of the popular and widely used platforms all over the world.
The formation of Excel happens from a portion of the Microsoft Office Suite or software. The popularity of an Excel sheet is widened from introducing the 5Th version in 1993.

What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Office Software

The MS Excel uses a grid of cells that is organized with rows having numbers and columns having Particular names or purposes. The data entered in an Excel sheet are shown in different chart forms Such as histograms, line graphs, along with the 3D displaying graphical visuals.

There are a number of benefits of using MS Excel to manage and organize the data of an organization.

By whom and when Microsoft Excel was developed

Dan Bricklin found Microsoft Excel in the 70s. There is a small story that follows the history of Microsoft Excel.

This is, while serving as a professor at Harvard, Mr. Bricklin needed to edit and erase the numerical interpretations of the tables over and over again while teaching the students.

This experience led him to think for the creative ways to make the task easier and fault-free, irrespective of the flow of the data. He finally settled down the problem by putting the information on a certain grid system which was named as WYSIWYG program.

He started using this method on his Apple II.

He also worked with Bob Frankston who had been appearing in the Masters in Programing and with their cumulative effort, we are now working on a fully specialized spreadsheet known as Microsoft excel.

Uses of Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel benefits us with a number of features. Here we are explaining some essential uses of this software suite introduced by Microsoft.

Storing and analyzing data

One of the most important and popular uses of MS Excel is the users can store and analyze data
Easily, without any hassle.

It facilitates the users to analyze bulk data with various graphs and charts, And thereby discover the trends.
The users can also organize it properly with data summarization And refer to it for future uses.

As it advantages us to store the data in a systematic way, we can use
Then for multiple purposes, anywhere and anytime.

Excel tools make your work easier

Excel combines a number of tools that make the works easier and save a lot of time.

It offers the Users with numerous tools to filter, sort and search the data. This makes it easier to work perfectly
and efficiently even with a bulk amount of data with a combination of pivot tables, simple tables,
Etc. in a lesser period.

Moreover, one can search several elements from this abundant amount of
data sets easily and thereby resolve the questions and problems with ease.

Data recovery and spreadsheets

Now while talking about the recovery of data entered into an Excel sheet, it provides much more
convenience in this aspect as well.

If you lost the data from an Excel sheet, you can easily recover it without any hassle.
For example, a bulk amount of data is stored in an Excel sheet and due to some of the malfunctions occurred in the device, it is lost or damaged, then you don’t need to panic.

You can easily restore it with the help of new MS Excel. It will be restored in XML format that reduces the actual size of the spreadsheet and you can easily access the compact file.

Mathematical formulas of MS Excel make things easier

MS Excel is very much popular even in the institutions or financial organizations to make it easy to resolve the complex mathematical problems easily.

It makes it simple to enter the mathematical problems and with the help of certain formulae, you can easily solve them.

Excel sheet offers a number of operations such as average, sum, mean, median, mode, etc. that you can access on a bulk amount of data and solve them only at once.


The superior characteristic of MS Excel is its security.

The data or information of any organization or individual is subjected to be secured and made safe from the eyes of thefts. Hence this Microsoft suite provides this ease as well to the users.

It maintains the confidentiality of the files with password protection and thereby restricts others to access the files.

Online access

Now, everyone wants to access everything on online platforms to make it easier either to utilize the
data or to share it with others.

This Microsoft excel sheet provides ease of access it over online from any device and from anywhere.

With this feature, it benefits the users with the portability of the data and information that are put in an Excel sheet. The users can work conveniently on any device and in any situation and thereby resolve their important purposes easily.

Because of the flexibility of work and convenience to access, it is very much popular among people worldwide.
Business strategy development
Data or any business information is very much important for making future strategies of the same.

Microsoft Excel sheet helps this in a sophisticated way. You can store and organize the data with a
number of graphs and charts that will help you to identify it for various uses.

It offers the trend lines
that can be expanded and help you to grow and develop the popularity of your business.

to ensure the growth and development of any business it is important to analyze the data of various
trends and thereby maximize the sales.
Manage expenses
Microsoft Excel also helps to manage the expenses.

For example, if the monthly earning of a particular person is approx. 40,000 and he/she has to manage the entire expense from this earning only, then MS Excel helps to estimate the entire savings and investments for the month.
By entering your income and monthly expenses into the tables provided by the excel sheet, you can know the
estimated spending and you can manage your average monthly saving thereby.

How to download MS Excel

Although nowadays every device comes with preinstalled Microsoft suite that has Microsoft Excel as well.
But still, if you fail to find it, the following steps can help you to access the MS Excel in your device, either Android, PC, or Mac OS.

Download guide for MS Excel

  1. Go to the official site of Microsoft.
  2. Search for MS Excel.
  3. Choose the Operating System of your device.
  4. Click to download.
  5. Follow the instructions as prompted in the screen.
  6. Now open the file from the download folder in your device.
  7. Run the installation process.
  8. Once the installation gets completed, Log-In or Sign Up the Microsoft account.
  9. Now start using.

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