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Can I re-use office 365 my subscription on other devices?

office subscription -

While subscribing to Microsoft office operating system or software or application, the most common question is that comes in the minds of the people is ” what are the limitations for using this service? “.

Well, if we talk about Microsoft Office, there are plenty of benefits for using things whether for home or personal uses.

But the only limitation it enables to its users is the subscription. When you buy any Microsoft product key, you can only be subscribed to use it on only one device.

But it is not that if you buy any new device for yourself that has all the latest features and supports all the advanced technologies, you have to buy for another subscription.

How can I re-use MS Office 365 again on other devices?

In such a case you can transfer your existing subscription and enjoy using the same product key for your new device. In this article, we will be illustrating how can you re-use your existing subscription of another new device.

Microsoft Office 365 is very useful software either for home, office or personal purposes. That is why people opt to get subscriptions to enjoy all the features involved with the software.

The best MS Office to choose for subscription are,

By using University, you can use an email address and set up a password to get a subscription for the software. You can only have one active Office 365 subscription by one email address.

While you add the same subscription of the Office 365 to any of your Microsoft account, you can still avail the benefits as provided by the software.

However, if you want to extend the time of your subscription, you need to pay an amount for renewal. You can add up to 5 years for the extended duration.

How to get a subscription to Office 365

Well, there are various pirated versions of office 365 that are available around. Although you can avail them for free and use them, you have to limit yourself to get all the features that are there in the original version.

This limitation cannot be considered as good while using the account for offices or any commercial place. As it is not only illegal but you need to compromise your works in a great way.

Hence, the best way to get all the features is to subscribe to it. Hence, to get a subscription for Office 365 are,

  1. Visit the official website of Microsoft that is,
  2. Click to buy and download.
  3. You need to pay a sum amount (i.e., $99 plus yearly taxes) as prompted on the screen.
  4. Click to check out on the right-hand side.
  5. You will be redirected to the Microsoft Office login page. You can also create a new account (if you don’t have any).
  6. Enter your Email ID and password.
  7. Setup payment.
  8. Proceed the page and install it.
  9. Allow the application to run on your device.

How to transfer Microsoft Office to a new computer

Now, if you bought a new system and want to transfer your Microsoft subscription to that, you must be looking for guidance. So here it is! Here we are giving you the complete guide to reusing your existing subscription on your new device.

Step 1: Office license identification

The first thing you need to do is to identify the particular type of office license you have. There are a number of Office licenses are available such as FPP, HUP, OEM, PKC, POSA, ACADEMIC, ESD, NFR, etc. Each of them has different user restrictions and thus it is important to know your particular one before going to transfer. Moreover, only FPP, HYP, PKC, POSA and ESD can be shifted to another computer.

Step 2: Verify the concurrent installations number

Most types of licenses offered by Microsoft allow only one installation on a single computer. Although some of them also allow the installation access on the second computer because of the tendency of staying ahead of other office competitors, the “home and student” bundle of the license can be activated on 3 distinct computers.

However, the Office 2010 license can be installed on another set of computers to get the license transferred on it.

Step 3: Verify the transferring rights of the license

In case you have one synchronized installation, you may have the option to shift the license from one device to another. Why you may get the option is, only retail licenses offer this option.

Other licenses have not the option to transfer to other computers.

Now, once you do the licensing task, start transferring your subscription:

  1. First, you need to uninstall the Office from your existing computer. It is important to note that you need to uninstall the program completely which through the features and programs. This cannot be done perfectly if you delete the installation folder and free up space.
  2. Moving towards your new computer, you need to ensure that the system isn’t limited to the free trial version of the Office. Moreover, if the system has already installed an Office program, uninstall it before starting to migrate your subscribed office license. (Two subsequent Microsoft program cannot run on a single computer)
  3. Now, install the suite of Office 365 that is associated with your purchased license. This can be done by using a CD or any other installation media.
  4. Once the installation process is done, open the program. Then find the activated product key by going to the download folder on your system, click on account. You can also change the product key from there. Now insert the product key as you got to start the program on your computer.
  5. I hope, this guide will help you to resolve your query. If you get any more issues, you can get in touch with our next article.