What are the tools included in Office? We have described 10 Different tools that are used in both government and Private sectors by small and big companies

10 tools included in Office

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Microsoft Office Word
Microsoft Word is one of the very basic tools to use when communicating through computers with people. Whether you’re writing a personal letter, creating content, communicating with your partners; the program to use is Word.

Microsoft Office Excel
Each commercial institution somehow or other uses Microsoft Office Excel. Calculating details by utilizing algorithm for base estimates is the true buddy of the layman. With the aid of Excel, you can even enter data and build sheets for basic accounting purposes without special accounting software.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint
Microsoft Office PowerPoint is the method to use, if you want to create the best displays in the easiest way. Just by using Microsoft PowerPoint, you can create the perfect layout to please the viewers with no complex applications.

Microsoft Publisher
The Publisher is a desktop publishing program ideal for the creation of various kinds of publications. You can create fantastic greeting cards, business cards, newsletters, calendars and so much more with the various tools available in the Publisher.

Microsoft Outlook
The Outlook is one of the popular e-mail processing and mailing software. This helps you to easily connect, interact and control your mails.

Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft SharePoint is a tool where you can manage, archive and share information through multiple platforms. You can also use this method to build your own Web site. The SharePoint allows information to be organized and managed for effective and efficient dissemination.

Microsoft OneNote
Getting the necessary Microsoft OneNote information helps you to seamlessly build and synchronize your notes. With the various applications which are part of the OneNote, you can easily transfer files, attach or remove things, format material, insert artifacts and implement other textual results.

Microsoft Visio
This method is used to construct graphs, vector graphics, and flow charts. It has various chart building tools that include tools for creating diagrams and other graphics. You will function on multiple pages with the Vision; configure them however you want and arrange them to compose the final paper.

Microsoft Office Project
The Microsoft Project provides many features important to the planning of tasks for a task. With its job tracking facilities and built-in Lync functionality, it allows easy collaboration of multiple projects between users.

Microsoft Lync
The Lync is a Microsoft Office bouquet cloud-based program which enables instant messaging and collaboration online. Using Lync Online Scheduler, it helps you to connect and exchange your meetings, text and data and so on with others.